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If you want to achieve natural health but are struggling with acute/chronic disease or trauma, Heilkunst can offer many solutions. Heilkunst, or the Art of Making Whole, is a full system of medicine that is based on natural law. Heilkunst is holistic in nature and treats the body, mind and spirit.

As much as Heilkunst is a system of medicine, it is also an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, radiant well-being and the emergence of your authentic self, which is the ultimate expression of health and of being fully alive. 

So, what is Heilkunst in practical terms?

Heilkunst was the word used by Dr. Samuel Friedrich Hahnemann (1755-1843), for the complete medical system that he created based on natural law. “Heilkunst” is a German word that translates as “the art of making whole” or “the art of healing.”

Dr. Hahnemann’s full system of medicine, as set out in his extended Organon der Heilkunst, is comprised of:

• Regimen: the realm of lifestyle, which includes diet, exercise, nutrition, sleep, hydration, and recreation, based on the Law of Opposites (Contraria contrariis curantur) to correct imbalances and achieve homeostasis in the body.  A strong constitution is a foundational component of the equation when treating disease and making a person whole. 

• Medicine Proper: the realm of the true cure of disease.  Heilkunst employs the natural Law of Similars (Similia similibus curantur), through the use of dynamic or energetic remedies, to destroy disease, thus allowing the body to heal. The destruction of disease (cure) and the subsequent detoxification of the body (healing) make up the full Cycle of Heilen, or making a person whole. 

• Therapeutic Education: the domain of exploring and releasing false beliefs about oneself and the world.

Treatment Options

Acute Disease Treatment

The short-term treatment of diseases of a recent or intense nature. Diseases of this type can usually be resolved in one or two sessions.

Chronic Disease Treatment

The deeper treatment of diseases of a long-standing, or more serious, nature. Treatment period can vary according to the severity of disease and how long the patient has been living with their condition.

CoRe Bioresonance Analysis

Through the use of a CoRe bio-resonance machine, a deeper picture of a patient’s imbalances and stressors can come to light and be brought back into harmony using energetic frequencies.

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